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ESG Report


Throughout history, as science and technology have progressed, business models have been updated, and society, economy and culture have evolved, the pursuit of security, innovation and sustainable development has endured as a primary goal. It is also the social responsibility and mission that the Company should undertake.

In 2018, the explosive development and integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data has improved our production and life, prompting the whole society to enter a new cycle of revolution. The Company continues to increase investment in technology R&D, and to develop intelligent Internet of Things technology with video as its core. The Company promotes social security and intelligence development to enhance the ability to understand the world and make rational decisions for the public.

While striving for business success, the Company is also pursuing harmony between the Company and society, and between people and nature. Committed to the philosophy of sustainable development, we take into account the macro-planning and implementation of corporate environmental, social and governance management, and combine corporate values with social progress and improvement of people's livelihood to deepen the integration of corporate business and social responsibility…

ESG Report